Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on . They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Site Rules and Behaviour

    1. Forum Content

      1. This is an open forum for enthusiasts of all ages. Please keep the content relatively clean and suitable for its audience. If any content may not be suitable for younger members or viewing in the work place then start your title with NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) or Adult Content so that members can identify this before opening the thread.
      2. Swearing is not allowed in thread titles.
      3. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated in posts. That is not to say that swearing is completely banned but repetitive unnecessary foul language and any abusive posts may be deleted by staff and the offending member warned for their behavior. If anyone is overly offended by any content then please report it to a member of the admin team.
      4. !!NO TXT SPEAK!! Use your words, type them properly!! It keeps the forum easy to read by all members. It's not that DC-UK is full of grammar Nazis but people don't want to read posts that they have to decipher to understand.
      5. Copy write infringement is not tolerated within the site. Posting documents, articles and work that isn't yours will lead to the content being removed and the member being warned or potentially banned. If you do share or link to articles and work that aren't yours then please give credit to the original author or their website to recognise their hard work.
      6. Members of the admin team can remove content from the site at their own discretion in order to enforce site rules. Any posts or threads questioning the actions of the admin team will be removed.
      7. If you feel that your content has been inappropriately or unnecessarily removed then contact the admin team.
    2. Abusive Posts And Messages

      1. Abuse of other members will not be tolerated and members will be warned for their behaviour!
      2. Repeated abuse towards other users may result in members being banned from the site. All abusive content will be deleted from the forum at the admin teams discretion.
      3. Please report any abuse seen on the site to a member of the admin team sooner rather than later.
      4. Public abuse towards traders within community is not acceptable. If you have a problem with a company then resolve your disputes in private.
    3. Advertising

      1. All advertising is to be kept in the 'Bargain Basement' section of the site. Do not clutter peoples threads with adverts, they will be removed.
      2. All advertising is to be appropriate and related to the site.
      3. Trader threads are not for disputes. Any disputes reported will be deleted and both members involved will be warned. If you have any issues deal with them like grown ups in person, on the phone or even by private message. These things do not need to be broadcast on the boards.
      4. Trader threads are also not for haggling. Again, this is to be done outside of the public forum.
      5. Any links to eBay listings should be kept in that specific section within the 'Bargain Basement'.
      6. Traders may advertise their business in their signatures so long as it is appropriate to the forum and cleared through an admin member. A quick PM will suffice and possibly a preview of the signature may be required.
    4. Post Bumping

      As posts get older the information contained will become dated.

      1. If a topic is left for dead but you have genuine reason, new questions or related comments then raise them in a new thread and post a link referencing the old one.
      2. Staff reserve the right to close old posts which have been unnecessarily bumped.
    5. Avatars and Signatures

      1. Avatars and signatures are allowed so long as they are appropriate to the site and inoffensive to other members.
      2. Signatures can be a maximum size of 500 x 125 pixels.
      3. Business links in signatures mus be authorised by the Admin Team first.
      4. No animated avatars or signatures are to be used!!