Troy Deeney involved in angry bust-up with Stoke players

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Troy Deeney involved in angry bust-up with Stoke players

Postby makaralove » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:41 am

Troy Deeney was involved in a nasty confrontation with Stoke players after failing to give them the ball back in Watford's 1-0 defeat on Saturday. During stoppage-time Stoke put the ball out of play after a player went SBOBET down injured, but rather than pass the ball back Deeney appeared to attempt a cross into the visitors' penalty area. Joe Allen reacted angrily but found himself being grabbed by the face by the striker as players from both sides squared up for a second time. Deeney and Allen were booked, but Stoke boss Hughes was less than impressed by Deeney's conduct and suggested he should face further action. Hughes said: "Obviously we've kicked the ball out because there SBOBET were injured players, and they should've given the ball back to us, but they shaped up to put it in our box - which was not in the spirit of the game, and that's why our players reacted. It's not pleasant when you see SBOBET that. "He's grabbing him by the face, it's not what you want to see. As I say, our reaction is understandable because we were the aggrieved party, but it hasn't covered him in any kind of good light, in my view. "I think we need to avoid situations like that, and he brought it on himself really."

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