Your Experiences - !! Forum Rules !!

Tell us who you would trust your van with and recommend to other members.
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Your Experiences - !! Forum Rules !!

Postby Mac » Fri May 22, 2015 4:35 pm

As a community we encourage members to share their experiences with traders.

Tell us all who is good, who is great and went that extra mile to help out.

This way we can help to build the reputation of smaller businesses as well as the established ones.

If you are posting negative experiences then be aware, this is a public forum, the target of your post has the right to explain, reason and defend themselves!!

This forum is not designed to have a slagging match!!
Be honest, stick to the facts and keep it impersonal and about your experience.

Remember there are two sides to every story and you may not have all of the details!!

So keep it civilised.

Anyone deemed to be using this forum maliciously will be warned, their posts and threads deleted without prior notice and they will potentially be banned from the site.

These are peoples livelihoods and reputations you're discussing. Do not take that lightly!!

The Admin team reserve the right to delete any posts or threads in here as they see fit and without justification!!

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